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Leather Curved Sofa

Black Leather Sectional Leather Curved Sofa

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This sofa are suit for office and guest living room. If your room or space full of dark colour furniture, this sofa are perfect for you. Sit on it can make your guest feel relax. I have buy this one and put it on my office. Because it is come with black colour you do not need every day to clean it.

Color: Black

Product Descriptions:
The features almost same with white curved leather sofa with chaise. Also finish with italian leather at back side. Sofa legs are made from stainless steel. You can rearrange able this sofa sections until four shape you want. Tool are come in set for free. For people who often want a new look, this sofa are best recomendations, because you can convert it to any shape you want as you like.

Sofa Features:
Free Sofa Tool For Rearranging The Different Sections
High Sofa Cushions Density
Interior Hard Wood Kiln Dried
Made From Italian Soft Leather
Versatile design
Four Sections to Rearrangeable

Size / Measure
Chaise: 56.5 Inches Width x 84 Inches Deep x 31.5 Inches High
Sofa: 47 Inches Width x 44 Inches Deep x 31.5 Inches High
Corner: 57 Inches Width x 98.5 Inches Deep x 31.5 Inches High
Sectional Overall: 160.5 Inches W x 84 Inches Deep x 31.5 Inches Height

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